Temperature apps for Android

What is the best Temperature app for Android? We have selected the best apps about temperature with exercises and workout plans.

Trusted developers like TEAM HJ, Sony Mobile Communications, Yenx DcDb are known to create software that in theory will give you local forecast and weather date. Use them wise to check weather predictions.

We have concluded that the best weather apps include Thermometer -Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Map, Weather, WEATHERAPP. Below is the complete list with 38 applications about temperature that are tested manually.

Which temperature app is the best is up to you after all.

Download Thermometer -Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Map

Thermometer -Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Map

◉ Local temperature based on your current position (GPS or WiFi). ◉ You can check the temperature for other cities. C...


Download Weather


The Sony Xperia™ Weather app is a simple-to-use weather app that provides you with current weather info. - Shows wind...




WEATHERAPP has weather information with temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relat...


Download OSHA NIOSH Heat Safety Tool

OSHA NIOSH Heat Safety Tool

Take precautions against outdoor heat while at work with the OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool. Featuring real-time heat index...


Download Weather Sunshine

Weather Sunshine

Features: - Weather forecast for the next 14 days. Including High / Low temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed and at...


Download Cyklus Watch Face

Cyklus Watch Face

Exclusive for Android Wear smart watches SEE YOUR DAY AT A GLANCE The daylight ring represents the next 24 hours, chan...


Download WeatherTile


This app let`s add you a small weather tile. The tile shows the current temperature with an icon which display the weat...


Download Barometric Altimeter

Barometric Altimeter

This altimeter models a real aviation altimeter by using your device's barometer and allowing calibration of altitud...


Download Weather Observations JAPAN

Weather Observations JAPAN

Viewer for weather observations data of all over Japan. [Data] Temperature, Precipitation, Wind direction, Wind speed, ...


Download Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro

Thermometer & Hygrometer Pro

Thermometer & Hygrometer app uses temperature and humidity sensors in smartphones to measure real-time temperature, ...


Download Weather South Korea

Weather South Korea

South Korea weather forecast including high and low temperatures,wind speed, cloud speed and humidity. this app cover th...


Download Weather App

Weather App

If want to know about the local or global environment like temperature, the wind etc. Weather app provides services for ...


Download WeatherRadar


WeatherRadar presents the current weather and predictions in an amazing way. Some of the features of WeatherRadar: - Cur...


Download Estoti


Simple converter Celsius to Fahrenheit, easy to use. Important note: this app is a convenience tool.It comes with no war...


Download Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer app uses temperature and humidity sensors in smartphones to measure real-time temperature, ...


Download Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees

A fun widget that allows you to easily share the weather in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Now everyone around the world w...


Download Weather


CHARACTERISTICS - Status notification: instantaneously displays current temperature and conditions - Home screen: Change...


Download Temperature Alarm Alert

Temperature Alarm Alert

This Android application is used to monitor the temperature of a room like a server room, any other room or outside in a...


Download The Weather

The Weather

Meet your local weather prediction, with the next 7 days. With a precise and detailed information screen you will find ...


Download Weather. Color!

Weather. Color!

Weather display application on the following day and 3 days. Color weather mug varies depending on the temperature. Illu...


Download FishTrack - Fishing Charts

FishTrack - Fishing Charts

FishTrack provides saltwater anglers with everything they need to find fish. The FishTrack app offers free cloudfree sea...


Download WeathercastApp


Weathercast app gives 14 days detailed weather forecast such as high/low temperature, wind speed along with wind directi...


Download Stormy


Get the weather conditions in your location and see the temperature for the next week and for the next 48 hours....


Download Skywatch BL

Skywatch BL

The Skywatch® BL is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth® wireless technology. It measu...


Download Analog Weather Station

Analog Weather Station

Simple, nice and accurate weather application. It shows main data: temperature, pressure and humidity. A weather station...


Download Upahead


Going on a long trip? Ever wander what's the weather, temperature, and wind conditions just ahead of your drive? Kno...


Download Thermometer Premium

Thermometer Premium

Thermometer - Premium uses phone's temperature sensor to measuse instant temperature. It gives real time temperature...


Download Temperature / Humidity Widget

Temperature / Humidity Widget

The thermometer / hygrometer home screen widget displays the current ambient temperature and relative humidity measured ...


Download Weather Widget App Free

Weather Widget App Free

Weather Widget App Free For Android provides detailed weather and temperature reports for cities and any place in the wo...


Download Temps


A simple and clean weather app that gets you the weather wherever you are in the United States. No complicated setup. St...


Download Temperature Sensor Widget

Temperature Sensor Widget

Really simple temperature sensor widget. The ambient temperature, in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F), is retriev...


Download Blue Sky Weather

Blue Sky Weather

Blue Sky Weather is a great way to get your weather. For current weather you get your local temperature, humidity and ch...


Download Temperature


This application shows the current local outdoor temperature, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses you...


Download Thermometer (+StatusBar +Wear)

Thermometer (+StatusBar +Wear)

The n°1 thermometer in Google Play since 2009, with over 5,000,000 downloads! Thermometer is the most accurate applicati...


Download Room Temperature

Room Temperature

This app measures the ambient room temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). Measure the ambient temperatu...


Download Weather for Bokeh Watch Face

Weather for Bokeh Watch Face

Weather widget for Bokeh Watch Face.Displays the most of current weather information for your location:- Weather icon- C...


Download PocketGrib


With PocketGrib GRIB file viewer you can easily download, view and analyse global weather data.Wind, preciptation, press...


Download Weatherzone Plus

Weatherzone Plus

For serious weather watchers, who rely on weather for work or play, Weatherzone Plus+ gives you all the free app feature...