Marine apps for Android

What is the best Marine app for Android? We have selected the best apps about marine after testing on different Android devices.

Best marine weather forecast apps for android phone and wear to prepare your boating, sailing or fishing trip. Weather condition in your local area.

Trusted developers like FlappyOne, LW Brands, LLC, Aragon-Soft are known to create software that in theory will give you local forecast and weather date. Use them wise to check weather predictions.

We have concluded that the best weather apps include National Weather Service NOW 2019, NOAA Marine Weather Forecast, High Seas Marine Weather. Below is the complete list with 77 applications about marine that are tested manually.

Which marine app is the best is up to you after all.

Download National Weather Service NOW 2019

National Weather Service NOW 2019

NWS NOW is a FREE weather application with no advertising, no user tracking using the National Weather Service™ and Nati...


Download NOAA Marine Weather Forecast

NOAA Marine Weather Forecast

** The #1 NOAA Marine Weather app for iOS is now available for Android! ** For a limited time, from January 2 to Januar...


Download High Seas Marine Weather

High Seas Marine Weather

Marine weather for the high seas. Marine weather forecast on Atlantic ocean, Pacific Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea...


Download Windyweek - wind forecasts

Windyweek - wind forecasts

Our mission is to provide highly accurate wind and weather forecasts in order to make kitesurfers' and windsurfers&#...


Download Fishing Deluxe

Fishing Deluxe

Would you like to know when exactly the best fishing times occur, so you will have a greater chance of catching a lot of...


Download Tide Tables Brazil

Tide Tables Brazil

To get ready for your trip to Brazil, check tides, waves and winds using the best app for Android: Tide Tables Brazil. W...


Download Tábua das Marés

Tábua das Marés

------- Promoção de lançamento, por tempo limitado!! -------- Chegou o app perfeito para acompanhar o nível da maré em ...


Download PredictWind Offshore

PredictWind Offshore

Download GRIB files via email, Weather Routing, Departure Planning, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery for your ...


Download Fish


⛅Weather Widget - fish⛅ ConvenientJust put this weather widget on your desktop & get weather information convenientl...


Download JM-Weather


海の安全安心を提供する J-Marine アプリ 第2弾 ★海の天気が気になる人の「気象海象情報」アプリです! 天気図の移り変わりや予想天気図及び台風情報を提供します。 また,天気図や台風情報に雨量・風向風速・波高・周期・波向などの気象海...


Download iGRIB


A GRIB file viewer for phones and tablets. Visualise the computer modelled meteorological data that the professional fo...


Download YachtingWeather


Yachting Weather is the cost-free and user friendly weather App for Android and iOS to receive precise sea weather predi...


Download SeaConditions


Try SeaConditions and become Premium's user: more services, cloud support, five-days and personalised forecasts. Ac...


Download Wind Meter Lab

Wind Meter Lab

Wind Speed & Direction Meter (Anemometer) for Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kite flying, Windsurfing, Drone, Sailing, P...


Download Storm Surge Viewer

Storm Surge Viewer

Predicting the potential for storm surges along any given shoreline is vital for the safety of coastal communities; howe...


Download NOAA Radar & Radio Pro

NOAA Radar & Radio Pro

NOAA precipitation imagery & live radio streams! This weather app provides fast and easy access to the latest NOAA N...


Download AndroTide


Tidal Plot widget. 2 sizes. Many colors. Only works for USA NOAA tide stations. Probably wouldnt interest you unless you...


Download Snap Tide

Snap Tide

Get your current and future tide info for your location. With Snap Tide you get : Your current local weather. (Location ...


Download Surfline Surf Reports/Forecast

Surfline Surf Reports/Forecast

Surfline gives you access to the best real-time surf reports, long range swell, and weather forecasts for all your favor...


Download Sotera


Sotera lets you view the latest real time low water crossing status on your Android phone. * Push notifications * Automa...


Download BoatMA Tides

BoatMA Tides

Massachusetts Tide Charts for Free charts, provided by the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association, for all ...


Download World Weather Marine Buoys

World Weather Marine Buoys

Get real-time marine weather data directly to your smartphone and tablet. Search for marine weather all over the world a...


Download AppWind


Application for board surfers, wind surfers, kite surfers, skippers who like to be constantly updated on the latest wind...


Download Wind Tracker

Wind Tracker

The most accurate wind & weather forecast for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders! Features:...


Download Global Wind Map: Storm Chaser

Global Wind Map: Storm Chaser

★ Watch the wind currents LIVE ★ This app is excellent for Storm chasing, for surfing and water sports. ★ Predict wind a...


Download Meteo marítima

Meteo marítima

Consulte los partes meteorológicos de las zonas que quiera de una forma muy fácil y directa en las webs de méteo Windfin...


Download Sail - Greek Weather Sail - Greek Weather brings to you all the information you need for your sailing trips: - Sailing weather maps that cover every area...


Download Windria - Great Lakes (NOAA)

Windria - Great Lakes (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the Great Lakes? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile resol...


Download Windria - US East (NOAA)

Windria - US East (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the US East Coast? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile res...


Download Windria - US West (NOAA)

Windria - US West (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the US West Coast? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile res...


Download Wind


Do you want to go sailing, windsurfing, biking, kiting, drone flying or just out of the door? This application shows the...


Download Tides Weather

Tides Weather

Mariner’s Tide and Weather Advisor is for boaters, fishermen or anyone who needs tide or weather information. Search for...


Download OpenBuoy Marine Weather Buoys

OpenBuoy Marine Weather Buoys

Instant access to worldwide NDBC and NOAA buoys! No ads! This app gives you all the current and past marine data and w...


Download FishTrack - Fishing Charts

FishTrack - Fishing Charts

FishTrack provides saltwater anglers with everything they need to find fish. The FishTrack app offers free cloudfree sea...


Download Gezeiten


>tripanion_Gezeiten liefert die Gezeitenvorhersage für die kommenden sechs Tage in Form einer klassischen Gezeitenuhr...


Download DWD Marine Wetter, Seewetter

DWD Marine Wetter, Seewetter

holt aus der DWD Grundversorgung den Seewetterbericht für die Nordsee, Ostsee, Mittelmeer mit Analysekarten. Ideal für S...


Download HF Weather Fax

HF Weather Fax

Do you want to get your weather charts without using an internet connection or a dedicated computer? HF Weather Fax lets...


Download Windria - Adriatic - ALADIN

Windria - Adriatic - ALADIN

Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast for the Adriatic? Windria is the only App showing you the official ALADIN fo...


Download Fishing Forecast Fishing Times

Fishing Forecast Fishing Times

The best fishing app strictly for Fishing forecasts and fishing times - the last fishing app you need. Free with no in ...


Download Seabreeze Weather

Seabreeze Weather

Australia's #1 Watersports website - - is now available on your Android! Do you dream of the ideal...


Download Wind & Sea Med

Wind & Sea Med

Wind & Sea Med is the APP that allows you to always have the famous LAMMA weather forecasts for sea and wind in the ...


Download Tide


Tide has been designed to couple a great user experience with accurate and true tide information for various locations a...


Download Fishing Weather

Fishing Weather

Find out how well the weather conditions favor the successful fishing. Fishing forecast for three days on your phone or ...


Download Sailing wind forecast - Vaavud

Sailing wind forecast - Vaavud

Do you want more time on the water? Then this app is for you! Figuring out when to go sailing again has never been easi...


Download Avalon Router Offshore

Avalon Router Offshore

Avalon Router is a navigation planner that compute optimized routes for sail and motor boats. It is based on the NOAA GF...


Download Marine meteorology

Marine meteorology

This application is dedicated to all people who love to know the dynamics at the base of the climate changes. Pressure, ...


Download SwiftSwell Pro

SwiftSwell Pro

★ Find all of your favorite places to be out on the water: whether you are going surfing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing, t...


Download Weather - Routing - Navigation

Weather - Routing - Navigation

SailGrib WR is an easy to use marine navigation app with a very sophisticated and unique weather routing module. It is d...


Download qtVlm


qtVlm is a navigation software designed for real and virtual sailing boats. It's also a free weather grib viewer tha...


Download FR Tides

FR Tides

Seven days tides tables and charts for more than 200 French locations. Uses geolocation to find closest locations. Displ...