Wind apps for Android

What is the best Wind app for Android? We have selected the best apps about wind with exercises and workout plans.

Trusted developers like Shenzhen UFO Technology Co.,Limited, The Weather Channel, Sony Mobile Communications are known to create software that in theory will give you local forecast and weather date. Use them wise to check weather predictions.

We have concluded that the best weather apps include APE Weather ( Live Forecast), Storm Tracker: NOAA Weather Radar & Live GPS Maps, Weather. Below is the complete list with 65 applications about wind that are tested manually.

Which wind app is the best is up to you after all.

Download APE Weather ( Live Forecast)

APE Weather ( Live Forecast)

Get weather in real time as well as air pressure and wind speed Do not be surprised by the weather anymore and plan yo...


Download Storm Tracker: NOAA Weather Radar & Live GPS Maps

Storm Tracker: NOAA Weather Radar & Live GPS Maps

Track rain and severe weather with Storm Radar: your NOAA weather radar and hurricane tracker. Get ready for storm seaso...


Download Weather


The Sony Xperia™ Weather app is a simple-to-use weather app that provides you with current weather info. - Shows wind...


Download NOAA Marine Weather Forecast

NOAA Marine Weather Forecast

** The #1 NOAA Marine Weather app for iOS is now available for Android! ** For a limited time, from January 2 to Januar...


Download Rain Radar - Animated Weather Forecast Windy Maps

Rain Radar - Animated Weather Forecast Windy Maps

Weather radar in your pocket everywhere. Use Rain Radar to quickly see an animated radar image and current conditions. ...


Download High Seas Marine Weather

High Seas Marine Weather

Marine weather for the high seas. Marine weather forecast on Atlantic ocean, Pacific Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea...


Download Windyweek - wind forecasts

Windyweek - wind forecasts

Our mission is to provide highly accurate wind and weather forecasts in order to make kitesurfers' and windsurfers&#...


Download Pioupiou Live Wind

Pioupiou Live Wind

Monitor the wind live from your spot! With your help, we build the first open-data network of wind meters. Wind addicts...


Download Wynd


Track your air quality and clean up the air you breathe using Wynd. The Wynd App is a free companion app to the Wynd por...


Download Weather Sunshine

Weather Sunshine

Features: - Weather forecast for the next 14 days. Including High / Low temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed and at...


Download PredictWind Offshore

PredictWind Offshore

Download GRIB files via email, Weather Routing, Departure Planning, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery for your ...


Download iGRIB


A GRIB file viewer for phones and tablets. Visualise the computer modelled meteorological data that the professional fo...


Download Wind Direction

Wind Direction

Quick and easy to use! Get the information you need in an easy to read format. Use it for golf, kites, current data, or ...


Download EUPORIAS Weather Roulette

EUPORIAS Weather Roulette

Climate prediction is an emerging and highly innovative research area. For the wind energy sector, predicting the future...


Download Weather Observations JAPAN

Weather Observations JAPAN

Viewer for weather observations data of all over Japan. [Data] Temperature, Precipitation, Wind direction, Wind speed, ...


Download Wind Meter Lab

Wind Meter Lab

Wind Speed & Direction Meter (Anemometer) for Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kite flying, Windsurfing, Drone, Sailing, P...


Download Weather South Korea

Weather South Korea

South Korea weather forecast including high and low temperatures,wind speed, cloud speed and humidity. this app cover th...


Download Weather App

Weather App

If want to know about the local or global environment like temperature, the wind etc. Weather app provides services for ...


Download meteoblue


meteoblue shows high precision weather forecasts combined with a beautiful, simple and easy to use design. Weather forec...


Download WeatherExpert


KNOW YOUR WEATHER Never get caught in the rain again. • Current Conditions Snapshot: Dynamic and easy to read snapshot ...


Download AppWind


Application for board surfers, wind surfers, kite surfers, skippers who like to be constantly updated on the latest wind...


Download Wind Tracker

Wind Tracker

The most accurate wind & weather forecast for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders! Features:...


Download The Weather

The Weather

Meet your local weather prediction, with the next 7 days. With a precise and detailed information screen you will find ...


Download Global Wind Map: Storm Chaser

Global Wind Map: Storm Chaser

★ Watch the wind currents LIVE ★ This app is excellent for Storm chasing, for surfing and water sports. ★ Predict wind a...


Download Weather. Color!

Weather. Color!

Weather display application on the following day and 3 days. Color weather mug varies depending on the temperature. Illu...


Download Wind Forecast Widget

Wind Forecast Widget

Waiting for a windy day and tired of refreshing ? Or maybe you lost your internet connection for a moment, a...


Download Windy - extreme wind forecast

Windy - extreme wind forecast

Real worldwide wind forecast from kiteboarders! Windy is a handy wind forecast app for extreme sports based on wind and ...


Download Windria - Great Lakes (NOAA)

Windria - Great Lakes (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the Great Lakes? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile resol...


Download Windria - US East (NOAA)

Windria - US East (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the US East Coast? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile res...


Download Windria - US West (NOAA)

Windria - US West (NOAA)

Looking for the most accurate Wind/Marine Forecast for the US West Coast? Windria is the only App showing you 1 mile res...


Download SeaWolf Wind Rose

SeaWolf Wind Rose

Elegant and essential compass rose. Designed for anyone who is intrigued by winds and wants to know the names and source...


Download Wind


Do you want to go sailing, windsurfing, biking, kiting, drone flying or just out of the door? This application shows the...


Download Windtake


Want to know where to surf today? If you will be using this revolutionary app designed by and for windsurfrs and kiters ...


Download OpenBuoy Marine Weather Buoys

OpenBuoy Marine Weather Buoys

Instant access to worldwide NDBC and NOAA buoys! No ads! This app gives you all the current and past marine data and w...


Download WeathercastApp


Weathercast app gives 14 days detailed weather forecast such as high/low temperature, wind speed along with wind directi...


Download Skywatch BL

Skywatch BL

The Skywatch® BL is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth® wireless technology. It measu...


Download MobiWindStations+


Real-time display of wind information from weather stations around the world. Those informations can be viewed in 3 diff...


Download WindAround


This application collects data from Pioupiou weather beacons mostly spread in France. User can easily acces to beacon in...


Download Windria - Adriatic - ALADIN

Windria - Adriatic - ALADIN

Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast for the Adriatic? Windria is the only App showing you the official ALADIN fo...


Download Upahead


Going on a long trip? Ever wander what's the weather, temperature, and wind conditions just ahead of your drive? Kno...


Download Wind & Sea Med

Wind & Sea Med

Wind & Sea Med is the APP that allows you to always have the famous LAMMA weather forecasts for sea and wind in the ...


Download Sailing wind forecast - Vaavud

Sailing wind forecast - Vaavud

Do you want more time on the water? Then this app is for you! Figuring out when to go sailing again has never been easi...


Download Miniweather


A simple weather app, suitable for basic weather needs. Shows the high and low and chance of precipitation for up to 6 d...


Download Wind Speed Meter anemometer

Wind Speed Meter anemometer

Wind Meter is sound based anemometer to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device...


Download Windyty


- Native Android version of popular - Animated map of wind, clouds, temperature, pressure, waves and mor...


Download Swellcast Surf Forecasts

Swellcast Surf Forecasts

Reliable Australian surf forecasts for the experienced surfer. Concise, uncluttered interface. Avoids subjective interpr...


Download WarnWetter


Die WarnWetter App vom Deutschen Wetterdienst. Detaillierte Informationen zur aktuellen Warn- und Wetterlage. Fügen Sie ...


Download Tornado Chaser

Tornado Chaser

Learn how to READ and TRACK a storm like the pros! Be your own STORM CHASING METEOROLOGIST! -Pics, videos, and descript...


Download PredictWind


Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast on the web? Trust the world leader – PredictWind • Highest resolution on t...


Download Wind turbines - meteo station

Wind turbines - meteo station

Live wallpaper that shows real weather, pressure, temperature humidity and wind speed. If the settings turn on option &q...