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High Seas Marine Weather Description:

Marine weather for the high seas. Marine weather forecast on Atlantic ocean, Pacific Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tropical zones.

Surface Analysis, Surface Forecast, Sea State Analysis and forecast, Wind/Wave Forecast, Wave Period Forecast, Tropical Cyclone Danger Area, Sea Ice Analysis and Forecast, Sea Surface Temperature, Satellite Images, High seas weather forecast text bulletins, 500 HPA Analysis and Forecast ...

All documents are provided by official sources and are perfectly reliable. This application uses a cache to display offline weather documents.

More than 400 weather documents updated 2 to 4 times a day are available. The application uses an online index to update the list of available documents without the need to update the application. Enjoy the automatic addition of new documents and new areas without intervention.

Privacy Policy:

As part of the product improvement, the application can send some data. Only the following data can be transmitted:

Application name and version.
Version of the operating system used.
Brand, type and device identifier.
Age of the installation of the application.
Page displayed.

No personal data is collected on the device. No use is made of the camera or the microphone of the device. The application does not access your personal files, does not access your address book, does not have the ability to send phone calls, SMS or emails, does not access your location, does not access any personal information, does not know your name or the name of the user account with which you are logged in to your device, does not create a user profile, does not analyze your habits. The application does not allow data exchange with other users. The application does not affect the operation of the device or other applications installed on it. Removing the application leaves no trace on the device.

If the application displays advertisements (free version of the application), these advertisements are displayed by a third-party vendor to whom we simply provide the space required for display. We are not aware of the contents of the advertisements displayed and do not have any feedback on the actions performed on these advertisements. Since the advertisements provider allows us to choose the categories of advertisements displayed, we do our utmost to ensure that advertisements belonging to certain sensitive categories are not displayed in the application. This choice is made in order to make our applications usable by any public of any age.

If you do not agree with these privacy policies, do not use this application and remove it from your device.

High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android
High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android
High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android
High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android
High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android
High Seas Marine Weather screenshot for Android

High Seas Marine Weather Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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