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Onguard Weather Alerts Description:

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
Be OnGuard... Weather Alert & Weather Alarm.

OnGuard Weather Alerts monitors the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) active weather alerts for advisories, watches, and warnings for your location (Within the Continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico).

When an alert is detected for your current location or any of your static location entries, an appropriate audible, sensory (vibrate), and visual alert will be generated depending on the severity of the NOAA alert type (Advisory, Watch, or Warning).

Weather Alert & Weather Alarm.


- NO Signups, NO Websites, NO text messages, and NO ads! This application runs entirely on your Android device as a background service and pulls alerts directly from the source (NOAA).

- NOAA provides advisories, watches, and warnings for: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Winter Weather, Extreme Temperatures, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Wind, 911 Outages, Fog, Flooding, Civil Emergencies, Nuclear Power Plant Warnings, Law Enforcement Warnings, Local Emergencies, Child Abduction Emergencies, Avalanches, and more.

- Dynamic Location Support (uses GPS or Cell Network location determination).
- Dynamic Location feature is on/off configurable.
- Static Location Support (unlimited # of entries).

- Audible, Sensory (vibrate), and Visual alerts (Configurable).
- User customizable alert sounds.
- Insistent Alert Support (off/on configurable) for Warning level events (ie. Audible, Sensory, and Visual alerts will repeat until acknowledged).

- Filtering of Alerts by category. *NEW* (in the 06/03/2011 release).
- Configurable Notification Levels (Warnings Only, Watches & Warnings, Advisories & Watches & Warnings).

- Configurable interval for checking for alerts.
- "Check Now" Button for manual or instant checks.

- Easily stop the service by simple unchecking a box in the preferences.

- Link to context sensitive tips from FEMA detailing information about what to do before, during, and after certain events. (In the main menu - full list of events, In the alert detail menu - contect specific information).
- Link to the "Red Cross Safe & Well Check In" site (This is the site to report that you are OK after a disaster or to locate a loved one that was in a disaster).

In Development:

- Radar & Weather Radio Mode currently work, we are waiting for tablet integration before release.
- Various other improvements to existing functionality.


Q: Is OnGuard hard on my battery?

A: No. The application minimizes the amount of power required by allowing the user to control whether Dynamic Location is enabled. Even with this feature enabled, the app only requests Dynamic Location updates at the same interval as your alert polling interval.

Q: How much data is used?

A: Not much at all. It varies based upon the number of active weather publications and how frequently you configure the application to check for updates. Each time the app checks for new NOAA publications a 2k (kilobyte) data packet is retrieved via the Internet for each location configured in your preferences. Using the default app settings, approximately 200k (kilobytes) per day or 6M (megabytes) per month of data is used. This is a very small amount given the allowances of most provider's data plans.

Tip: If data usage is a concern, consider disabling the background service and using the Check Now feature instead.

Q. I am getting alerts for an incorrect location.

A. If you are using "Dynamic Location", sometimes the cell network location (used when GPS is unavailable) will return an incorrect location. This is cell tower issue and is outside our control. Please obtain a GPS fix or use a static location entry.

Q. I am having an issue after updating, what should I do?

A. If you are experiencing any issues after an update, please uninstall and re-install the application.

Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android
Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android
Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android
Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android
Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android
Onguard Weather Alerts screenshot for Android

Onguard Weather Alerts Require:

Require Android 2.2 and up

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